Stone Ledge Custom Homes

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The team of architects, designers, and builders who create your Stone Ledge Custom Home in Leawood, Kansas will find great satisfaction in a home well-built. See what our satisfied customers have to say about our work.

"It's such a good idea out here. We love it."

"Geothermal is the most wonderful heating and cooling system there is."

"After living at Stone Ledge, I realize what "maintenance free" can really mean. We've been here six years and spent $9 on varnish. We've seen people in other neighborhoods paint their trim 3 times in that period."

"We don't have to worry about replacing the roof or replacing windows because of wood rot."

"We looked at other places that said "no maintenance" but it meant they mowed the yard. You still had to paint trim, worry about wood rot, paint the exterior, and treat the deck. At Stone Ledge they went into all these details."

"Geothermal heating and cooling. It just runs. You don't even know it's there. It's silent. All I do is replace filters twice a year."

"Sometimes trying to make changes with a builder is too much work. Gene & Patricia are very flexible and very creative. If you don't want to be creative or don't have the time, they really can help. They'll even be your arms and legs for putting together decorating ideas."

"You get what you pay for. People will look strictly at a mortgage or square footage or something like that and they're not prepared for the expenses that will come when they have to replace the furnace, windows, the roof."

"How many times do you live next door to the builder who lives in the house like you do? Our last builder wouldn't even return phone calls."

"Building the house was really fun - especially with Gene & Patricia. You can be creative and do what you want."

"The best thing for us is the location. We like the neighbors. We enjoy this house."

"Geothermal is a marvel. It keeps us comfortable summer and winter."

"The guys who built the house were marvelous. Gene & Patricia were very accepting of our wishes."

"We truly love this neighborhood. No question about it."

"Building was FUN. The custom process was a very pleasant one for us. I had built a house previously, but I wouldn't call it "custom". I really didn't have a lot of choices. My wife had never built a house. She had a big time and took great pride with it. It was fun to do together."

"Our #1 issue was accessibility. Gene & Patricia helped to make sure this house was totally accessible. For example, they figured out how to install and elevator which, for us, is an everyday necessity. This house was built to live in! "

"Gene & Patricia are particularly good about being of assistance. They're right here. I appreciate that very much. It's comforting to know they're here; they'll answer the phone and work with us."

"Each one of these houses is very different. That's one thing that's so neat about Stone Ledge."

"We could do whatever we wanted to do within the limits of our own finances. If we said we wanted something, Gene & Patricia went out of their way to find it at a reasonable price."

"Stone Ledge is a unique little community."

"We built our first house in the 60s. I bet I've put on 20 new roofs. That's your standard, poorly built house. When I saw what they were doing at Stone Ledge, I couldn't believe it. We loved our former house, but the maintenance was staggering."

"We like the intimacy of the neighborhood, the fact that it's small. We look out for each other. It's so much better than not knowing who lives next door and not caring."

"We got a lot of personal attention."