Stone Ledge Custom Homes

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Energy-Efficient Homes for Easy Living

Brick & Concrete Tile Home The space you live in should be comfortable, safe, and easy to maintain. The Stone Ledge Subdivision in Kansas City facilitates your ability to build your home to your personal design choices, just bring the builder of your choice. Our homes are affordable and have many energy-efficient and eco-friendly qualities. You'll enjoy a custom-built home, complete with finished landscaping and automatic sprinkler system.

Home Exteriors

All of our homes are free of exposed wood for maintenance free upkeep. With a combination of brick, stone, or stucco on all four sides, our homes are weather-resistant and durable. All of the eaves, fascia, and soffits are constructed of vinyl or are aluminum-clad.

Durable Deck Designs

We require decking that won't rot, splinter, or need repainting and staining. Our decks are also enclosed with durable wrought iron. You'll love our steel garage doors that are 8-ft. in height, and made of sturdy factory-finished, stamped steel to resist dings and scrapes.

Concrete Tile Roofs

Great care is taken to create an energy-efficient home that provides you with a comfortable interior living space. Durable concrete tile roofs are designed to reduce the amount of heat that penetrates your home during summer. Our concrete tile roofs are also fireproof for added protection, safety, and homeowners' insurance savings. Not only are concrete tile roofs beautiful, but they are guaranteed to last forever, prevent the spread of fire from neighboring rooftops, and keep your utility bills low.

Iron Fence

Recycled Cellulose Insulation

We recommend people-friendly recycled cellulose insulation in the walls. The vast amounts of paper that ordinarily end up in landfills are shredded and treated with boric acid to make it fireproof and insect-repellant. Your home's walls and attic space will not be plagued with roaches, spiders, or silverfish because these insects hate boric acid. Cellulose insulation, in combination with our optional geothermal heating installation, results in a virtually dust-free home.

Geothermal Heating

If you opt for Geothermal heating in your home, a professional team will drill the special wells about 180-ft.-deep on the property, with a tubing loop inserted into the wells. A water-furnace with a water pump, compressor, and variable speed fan, is installed in the utility room to move water through this tubing. The Geothermal process creates hot or cold air to warm or cool your home. By using the earth's stored solar energy, you save on the cost of conventional heating and cooling, and you're helping the Planet. This eco-friendly system produces no carbon monoxide.